I helped him. I knew what my father was. I knew what he did.
— Abigail to Lecter
Abigail and Garret
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Garret Jacob Hobbs is Abigail Hobbs' father. He taught her how to hunt and butcher animals. It was shown later in the series that Abigail was an accomplice to her father. She would go and meet the girls, as seen in a flashback where Abigail and her father boarded a train. Abigail would lure her father's victims into a false sense of security by approaching them as a friend, eventually leading each one to their unfortunate demise.

In Apéritif, Garret Jacob Hobbs makes a desperate attempt to kill Abigail, but is killed by Will Graham.

In Potage, In a flashback, Abigail is hunting with her father. It's clear Abigail is traumatized when she shoots a deer, but her father reassures her that they're not committing murder if they use every part of the animal. He hands her a knife and explains how to cut the animal; she reluctantly slices into the beast's sternum.

In Trou Normand, In the kitchen, alone, Abigail asks Hannibal if Will knows about her murdering Nicholas Boyle. She is informed that he does. Despite Hannibal assuring her Will can keep their secret, Abigail breaks down and sobs into Lecter's arms. She admits to aiding her father in every one of his killings. She was the bait that lured every girl in. Hannibal hugs Abigail and assures her it'll be okay. She's not a monster; she's a victim. And Hannibal is here to help.

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