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Alana Bloom
Caroline dhavernas (2)
Age 30s
Occupation(s) Psychiatry Professor
Consultant Profiler
Status Unknown
Relationships Hannibal Lecter (Former Teacher)
Abigail Hobbs (Patient)
Will Graham (Friend)
Jack Crawford (Colleague)
Other info
First appearance Apéritif
Portrayed by Caroline Dhavernas
Alana Bloom gallery

Most psychology departments are filled with personality deficients. Dr. Bloom would be the exception.

Hannibal Lecter to Jack Crawford

Alana Bloom is a main character in the television series Hannibal.

She is a psychology professor, FBI consultant, and Hannibal Lecter's former student. She is also guest lecturing at Quantico, making her Will's colleague as well as friend and love interest. She initially wants to avoid digging too deep into the subject of Will and his issues, trying to maintain their friendship and instead recommends her former mentor (and lover), Hannibal Lecter as a psychiatrist for Will. Alana is Abigail Hobbs' psychiatrist.

She saw Abel Gideon mainly in court. She also wrote an article about him in a journal of criminal psychology and had two sessions with him two years ago.

She doesn't date, but hopes that someday she will.

At the end of Season 2 she is pushed out of a window by the thought to be dead Abigail Hobbs. It is unsure if she survives her fall.


She's a psychology doctor, who's a specialist in her field, and she also gives guest lectures at the FBI academy. She's very intrigued by Will Graham. I think she wants to be his friend. She wants to get close to him, but she knows how sensitive and fragile he is. She's very concerned that he might get in trouble, and get hurt.


  • "Dogs keep a promise a person can't." (to Will)
  • "Most psychology departments are filled with personality deficients. Dr. Bloom would be the exception." (Lecter to Jack)
  • "It's not what you appreciate. It's that you appreciate." (Lecter)


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