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Anthony Dimmond
Status Deceased
Relationships Roman Fell (TA at Cambridge)
Other info
First appearance Antipasto
Last appearance Antipasto
Portrayed by Tom Wisdom
Anthony Dimmond gallery

Nice to be remembered.
— Anthony to Hannibal Lecter

Anthony Dimmond is an acquaintance of the former curator, Dr. Roman Fell, of the Capponi Library in Florence, Italy. He worked as a teaching assistant for Roman Fell at Cambridge.

Season 3 Edit

In the episode "Antipasto", he attends a social gathering in Paris, France, where his intentions seem to be inquiring about a former colleague Roman Fell. He comes in contact with Hannibal Lecter, who is using the alias of Boris Jakov.

Dimmond is has a particularly low opinion on Dr. Fell's work. Dimmond discovers that Lecter is using Dr Fell's name while performing a lecture on Dante. Lecter later beats Dimmond to death and arranges his corpse to resemble a broken heart.

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