Season 3, Episode 1
Air date June 4, 2015
Written by Bryan Fuller
Steve Lightfoot
Directed by Vincenzo Natali
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"Antipasto"[1] is the premiere episode of Season 3, and the twenty-seventh produced hour of Hannibal. It aired on June 4th, 2015.

Plot Edit

Hannibal Lecter has settled down in Italy with Bedelia Du Maurier under the identity of the museum curator Dr. Fell and his wife. Circumstances go awry when a former friend of Dr. Fell's visits and finds all is not as it seems.

Sypnosis Edit

While stalking Dr. Roman Fell to a party held in Paris, Hannibal Lecter becomes acquainted with Anthony Dimmond. They discuss poetry and Dr. Fell, for whom Dimmond served as a TA. Lecter follows Dr. Fell to his house, killing him and (presumably) his wife. Through a flashback, Abel Gideon is seen eating his cooked body with Lecter, where he comments that Lecter is truly a personification of the Devil. Lecter and Du Maurier are shown as having traveled to Florence, Italy, where they are assuming the identities of Fell and his wife. Through a flashback, Du Maurier enters her house some hours after being interviewed by Crawford and discovers Lecter in her shower. She pulls a gun on him, and they discuss what Lecter has done, their relationship, and Graham. In present day, Dimmond arrives in Florence and is invited to Lecter's house for dinner. Through flashback, it is shown how Lecter prepared Gideon's severed arm for consumption - he had fed Gideon oysters, sweet wine, and acorns to enhance Gideon's flavor for the snails fattening themselves on it. Gideon comments that it won't be long until Lecter is himself cannibalized. Over dinner, Du Maurier is revealed to being given the same treatment, as Dimmond reveals that the Romans are the originators of that practice. Through a flashback, Du Maurier murders Lecter's former patient Neal Frank, who was transferred to her, causing her to owe a debt to Lecter in return for his help. In present day, Lecter gives a lecture as Dr. Fell, which Dimmond attends, eager to strike a bargain with him. Dimmond returns to Lecter's house where he is murdered. Du Maurier and Lecter discuss whether she is observing or participating in the murder, and they conclude on the latter. Later, Lecter boards a cross-country train across Italy with a large trunk, and contemplates Gideon's comment on how he will feel when he, too, is hunted down. Hannibal spends his train journey folding a reproduction of Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man into an origami heart. Lecter has done the same thing to Dimmond – his dismembered torso is mounted on the tips of three broadswords in the Norman Chapel, Palermo and has been fashioned to resemble a gigantic heart.


  • The episode's title, Antipasto, refers to an appetizer typically consisting of olives, anchovies, cheeses, and meats.


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