Season 3, Episode 4
Air date June 25, 2015
Written by Nick Antosca and Bryan Fuller & Steve Lightfoot
Directed by Marc Jobst
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"Apertivo" is the fourth episode of Season 3, and the thirth produced hour of Hannibal. It will air June 25, 2015.

Plot Edit

Dr. Frederick Chilton is alive and well, if not somewhat reconstructed, urging those wronged by Hannibal Lecter to use Will Graham as bait to flush him out. Jack Crawford is distracted by Bella Crawford's failing health, but he implores Will to abandon the risky idea of finding Hannibal. Meanwhile, Alana Bloom entertains a different approach, potentially partnering with Mason Verger to utilize his vast resources.

Synopsis Edit

Frederick Chilton meets with Mason Verger, where they discuss Lecter after revealing their disfigurements, then goes to meet Graham. Crawford recalls his meeting Graham after the events at Lecter's house, with Graham stating that he informed Lecter of his and Bloom's impending arrival because he considered Lecter a friend, and wanted to run away with him. Chilton goes to Bloom, who has agreed to act as Verger's new therapist. In a flashback where both Crawford and Bella are bedridden (Crawford right after the events of last season's finale), Bella comforts Crawford, but says "at least you can cut out what's killing you." Chilton asks for Crawford's help, telling him that Graham will lead him right to Lecter, but Crawford refuses to get involved, stating that he has let everything go, and that he's focusing on caring for his wife. Bella succumbs to her cancer, and at her funeral, Crawford is upset to notice a card from Lecter offering his condolences. Graham enters the church, where Crawford says he knows what's coming for him, and that he does not have to die. Verger asks his physician Dr. Cordell Doemling to make arrangements for Lecter to be eaten alive. During a session with Verger, Bloom agrees to help him lure Lecter to what he is planning. Crawford meets Bloom at Will's house; she says that Graham has already left. Graham is seen leaving on a boat.


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