Barney Matthews
Occupation(s) Former hospital orderly
Status Alive
Other info
First appearance Red Dragon
Last appearance Hannibal
Portrayed by Frankie Faison
Barney Matthews gallery

Barney Matthews was the Head Orderly at the Baltimore State Mental Hospital for the Criminally Insane. He was the care giver to Dr Hannibal Lecter for six years. He was an orderly of Dr. Frederick Chilton. He was respected by Dr Hannibal Lecter for the way Barney treated him with courtesy and decency. Barney was in charge of cleaning and searching Lecter's cell and also handling the restraints procedure after Lecter savaged the nurse. He was so thorough that the only mistakes made in handling Dr Lecter were made on two of his days off. Dr Lecter would also introduce Barney to whole new ideas and knowledge during the evenings. He later tells Clarice Starling about the wrongdoings made by Dr. Chilton. After Lecter's escape, he receives a generous tip and a thank you note from Lecter for the kindness shown to him.


  • Barney (right) with Hannibal Lecter
  • Barney and other orderlies confronts Lecter

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