Benjamin Raspail was a flautist of the Baltimore Philharmonic Orchestra. He was a patient and the ninth and last known victim of Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Raspail was the man who introduced Jame Gumb to Lecter for therapy, after Gumb had murdered Raspail's lover Klaus. Raspail was undergoing treatment for manic depression and was assigned to Lecter.  Raspail disappeared on 22nd March 1975 and was found in a church pew three days later. His heart had been pierced and was missing his thymus and pancreas. Lecter served these organs to the board of the Philharmonic Orchestra. Lecter also noted in an interview with Clarice Starling that he killed Raspail because the other man was starting to bore him, but various sources have speculated that his primary reason for killing Raspail was that his playing disturbed the otherwise excellent quality of an opera that Lecter had attended.

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