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Beverly Katz
Hettienne park (2)
Age 30s
Occupation(s) Crime Scene Investigator
Status Deceased
Relationships Brian Zeller (Friend)
Jimmy Price (Friend)
Jack Crawford (Boss)
Other info
First appearance Apéritif
Last appearance Mukōzuke
Portrayed by Hettienne Park
Beverly Katz (TV) gallery

Are you ok? I know it's a stupid question considering none of us can possibly be ok doing what we do but, are you ok?
— Beverly to Will Graham

Beverly Katz was a main character in the television series Hannibal. She was a crime scene investigator who specialized in fiber analysis. She was the eldest child and knew how to play a violin. Although Beverly considered herself in the field only as crime scene investigator, she demonstrated a proficiency with firearms, able to correct Will Graham's posture in a gun range. She also played the violin, demonstrating knowledge on treating catgut strings for one murder investigation.

She was murdered by Hannibal Lecter when he found her in his basement investigating (and finding) evidence of Lecter being the Chesapeake Ripper. Shortly before her death Beverly saw something shocking in Hannibal's basement. It is unknown what exactly she saw, but the events of the season finale imply she may have seen Abigail Hobbs, alive.

Beverly's body was later found at a observatory which after Hannibal had her frozen and cut her into slices into individual layers of glass displays. Hannibal is also seen to have taken Beverly's kidney, smiling as he ate it.

Her blood is later found in a jar where Miriam Lass was found.


  • "Are you unstable?" (to Will)

  • "Death makes angels of us all and gives us wings where we had shoulders. Smooth as ravens’ claws." (quoting Jim Morrison)
  • "You're a little different. But, you've always been a little different." (to Will)
  • "You're not a suspect. You're the new Will Graham." (to Hannibal)
  • "Oh, my God!" (Beverly's last words before being killed by Hannibal)
  • Even a drunk with a flair for the dramatic can convince himself he's God. Or the Lizard King.
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