Season 3, Episode 5
Air date July 2, 2015
Written by Tom de Ville and Bryan Fuller & Steve Lightfoot
Directed by Guillermo Navarro
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"Contorno" is the fifth episode of Season 3, and the thirty-one produced hour of Hannibal. It will air July 2, 2015.

Plot Edit

Jack and Will along with Chiyoh arrive in Florence with different agendas for Hannibal while Detective Pazzi gets close.

Synopsis Edit

Graham and Chiyoh travel by train to Florence, discussing her relationship with Lecter. In Florence, Du Maurier and Lecter discuss Graham and the fact that Lecter is lying in wait to kill him once he arrives. Crawford releases his wife's ashes into the river as well as his wedding ring, and has dinner with Pazzi and his wife, who are newly married. Pazzi says that he'll tell his subordinates that he's investigating Lecter when he knows for certain it's him; Crawford tells him he already knows. Bloom reveals to Verger that a blonde woman has been shopping for Lecter. Graham and Chiyoh continue to have conversations. Pazzi goes to meet Lecter, probing for information about the two murdered professors. Pazzi ultimately decides to sell Lecter to Mason Verger, a fact of which Lecter is already aware. Graham awakens to find Chiyoh outside, where she tells him that she knows Lecter is in Florence; doubting their alliance, she throws him from the train, and he is forced to continue his journey on foot. Pazzi has a video contact with Verger, who lays out the terms of his bounty, which includes a fingerprint. Pazzi goes back to Lecter with a gift for his exhibition. Lecter in turn presents an heirloom for Pazzi, an illustration of his ancestor's murder. As Pazzi goes for a knife with Lecter's fingerprint, Lecter overpowers him. Lecter has tied Pazzi to a hand truck, and while preparing to hang him with an orange power cord, he ascertains that Pazzi is working with Verger, and asks if any other authorities know. As Pazzi answers, Lecter is interrupted by a call for him from Bloom, which he answers. Before he hangs Pazzi, he cuts his belly, allowing his bowels to spill as in his ancestor's death. Crawford arrives, looking for Pazzi. A fight ensues, during which Lecter taunts Jack about the death of Bella and is brutally beaten as a result. Jack attempts to push Lecter from the same balcony window, but he arrests his fall by grabbing onto Pazzi's corpse, and having survived the fall, stumbles away.


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