Season 3, Episode 6
Air date  July 9, 2015
Written by Don Mancini and Bryan Fuller & Steve Lightfoot
Directed by Vincenzo Natali
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"Dolce" is the sixth episode of Season 3, and the thirty-second produced hour of Hannibal. It will air July 9, 2015.

Plot Edit

Bedelia Du Maurier and Hannibal Lecter sense their time in Florence is coming to an end, while Jack Crawford questions Will Graham's loyalty. Hannibal plans for his final stand. Back in the States, Mason Verger hungrily makes plans for Hannibal's capture, while Alana Bloom and Margot Verger makes plans of their own for Mason.

Synopsis Edit

Will arrives in Florence where he meets Jack and they discuss how to proceed in the search for Lecter. Their first stop is the house where he was staying as Dr. Fell. Dr. Du Maurier has stayed behind after coming to an agreement with Hannibal to support each other's stories. Altering her own responses by shooting heroin, she clings determinedly to her identity as Mrs. Fell, even though Will and Jack both know her as Du Maurier. Back in Baltimore, the Vergers and Alana go over the bounty for Lecter. After it's confirmed that Pazzi has been killed in pursuit of Lecter, Alana suggests that they may need an entire department. Margot leaves to make arrangements. Mason asks Margot what she wants and she reminds him that he took away her ability to have children. He raises the possibility that she could still have a child with him. Afterwards, Margot has a sexual encounter with Alana and asks if Alana knows how to harvest sperm. An inspector from the police headquarters in Florence comes to interrogate Du Maurier and speaks to Jack about Lecter's history in America. Will goes to a gallery where he meets Lecter. The two men have a civil discussion, but when they leave Will takes out a knife to kill Lecter. Before he can do so, Chiyoh shoots him from a nearby roof with a sniper rifle. Lecter takes Will to another hideout and removes the bullet. Jack tracks Will to where Lecter is keeping him and attempts to free him. Lecter ambushes Jack, slitting his Achilles' tendon and tying him to a chair at the dining table. He begins to cut into Will's head with a cranial saw. Before he can get far the policemen bought off by Mason enter. Will and Lecter are both brought to the Verger home.

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