Freddy Lounds
Occupation(s) Tabloid journalist
Status Deceased
Relationships Wendy
Other info
First appearance Red Dragon
Last appearance Red Dragon
Portrayed by Stephen Lang Manhunter
Philip Seymour Hoffman Red Dragon
Lara Jean Chorostecki Hannibal
Freddy Lounds gallery

This is the book and movie version. To see the TV version, please go to here.

Harris describes Freddy Lounds as "lumpy and ugly and small", with "buck teeth", and whose "rat eyes had the sheen of spit on asphalt". Harris describes Lounds as having "the longing need to be noticed that is often miscalled ego", sharpened by frustrated ambition

Red Dragon Edit

In the novel Red Dragon, Lounds attempts to elicit information from Will Graham as Graham investigates the serial killer Francis Dolarhyde, whom Lounds has sensationally publicized as "The Tooth Fairy". Graham despises Lounds, who had sneaked into Graham's hospital room after Graham was attacked by Lecter and taken pictures of his wounds, publishing them the next day in the Tattler. Lounds becomes aware of secret correspondence between the killer and the now-imprisoned Lecter, and sneaks onto a crime scene to get information. He is caught, however, and threatened with imprisonment unless he cooperates with the investigation. Hoping to lure Dolarhyde into a trap, Graham gives Lounds an interview in which he blatantly misrepresents the killer as an impotent homosexual and the product of incest. This infuriates Dolarhyde, who kidnaps Lounds, glues him to an antique wheelchair, shows him slides of his victims, and forces him to recant the published allegations into a tape recorder. Dolarhyde then shows his face to Lounds, bites his lips off and sets him on fire, leaving his maimed body outside the Tattler's offices. Lounds eventually dies in the hospital but not before providing information to aid in the hunt for Dolarhyde. Lecter sends Graham a note congratulating him on Lounds' death, which "implies that the Tooth Fairy's murder of reporter Freddy Lounds is at least a sort of wish-fulfillment for Graham".

Manhunter Edit

Lounds' mutilation at Dolarhyde's hands is not shown in the film Manhunter but is "depicted with both more restraint and more ambiguity". In the film, Dolarhyde puts something in his mouth that can not clearly be seen and taunts Lounds, before cutting to an exterior night shot of the killer's house, and letting Lounds' distant, muffled screams tell the real story.

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