The hypothetical fourth season of Hannibal has been spoken by showrunner Bryan Fuller several times, which he intends to use as a possible revival for the series.


Originally, Bryan Fuller envisioned Hannibal to consist of seven seasons (later cut down to six). However the show only ended up last three seasons, as it ended up being cancelled by NBC. Regardless though, Fuller and the cast have expressed interest in a revival, with Fuller himself hoping to negotiate some sort of deal to get a fourth season made.

Fuller has also expressed doing a Silence of the Lambs miniseries, on the grounds that he can get the rights to the story and characters (which he attempted to do during the run of Hannibal.


When asked by a fan about the future of the show in August 2015, Bryan replied to "ask again in 22 months [two years]". In August 2017, talks entered for a fourth season.

Plot DetailsEdit

  • The series would further explore the relationship between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter and show them on the run.
  • It may include elements from The Silence of the Lambs, if Fuller is able to get the rights.
  • It would also more elements from the third book Hannibal which Fuller says he has yet to explore. Elements of the book was already implemented into the third season.
    • It is likely to do with Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter being on the run, mirroring the ending of the novel Hannibal in which Hannibal and Clarice ran away together.
  • Frederick Chilton would run the hospital once again. It is to be assumed that he would meet a grisly fate, a recurring feature that has happened to the character in each season of the show.