Season 2, Episode 1
Kaiseki 4
Air date February 28, 2014
Written by Bryan Fuller
Steve Lightfoot
Directed by Tim Hunter
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"Kaiseki" is the premiere episode of Season 2, and overall the fourteenth produced hour of Hannibal. It originally aired on February 28, 2014.


While Will continues to assert his innocence, Hannibal and Jack try to come to terms with the fact that he's in jail; Kade Purnell visits Will.


Hannibal is cutting up meat and preparing a dinner when Jack enters the room, and as he enters, a fight commences between the two. Jack is impaled in the hand by Hannibal's knife, Jack pulls out the knife and attempts to stab Hannibal with it, however Hannibal disarms him. Jack pushes Hannibal against the wall, and then they fight in hand-to-hand-combat until Hannibal manages to knock Jack down, then hitting him again by opening the fridge. Jack takes off his tie, and uses it to cover his injury on his hand, and afterwards, Hannibal tries to stab him again, but he couldn't. Jack hits Hannibal to the ground, and starts to punch him. Jack then tries to choke Hannibal, but once Jack sets him onto the ground, Hannibal takes a shard of glass from the floor and uses it to stab Jack in the neck. Jack runs into another room, Hannibal grabs a knife and tries to bang the door open. Hannibal is seen cutting again.

Twelve weeks earlier

Hannibal is preparing a dish as he has Jack over for dinner, the dish is called Kaiseki. Hannibal says that they're mourning a death, Will's. Jack says that Will's death is on him, but Hannibal disagrees, it's on the both of them. Jack can't believe that Will may be convicted of five crimes, while he could only be convicted of one; Jack will be on trial - in the halls of the FBI, as will Hannibal. Jack informs Hannibal that Will is insisting that Hannibal is the one that committed all the crimes, not him. Hannibal believes that it's in their best interest for Jack to investigate Hannibal.

Will is envisioning himself fishing when he sees a deer. He finds himself back in reality, where Fredrick Chilton is talking to him, but he can't hear what Chilton's saying. Will tells Chilton that he feels like he's sitting in a dunk tank, and Chilton keeps missing the target, and can't make Will splash into the water. And according to Chilton, he fortunately has more time with Will, given he is his patient now. Will doesn't want to cooperate with Chilton however, he'd rather talk to Hannibal. Will closes his eyes, and it zones back to the water, where the stag submerges.

Jack and Alana are at a meeting with FBI authority, discussing a report Alana made on Jack, regarding Will, because she had initially cautioned him to not allow Will to enter the field. In her report, there were allegations of misconduct - a lapse in judgement by Jack. The authority says that there will be an internal investigation, which Alana agrees that there should be, and then she tells Alana that she has "wounded" Jack. She then asks Alana to recant her report, and let the incident quietly fade, but Alana refuses to do so, because of Jack, Will's life has been destroyed, and there has to be record of that. It's going to get ugly, but Jack already knows that.

Two men are wading upstream in a river, they remark that someone must have busted a beaver dam, one of them begins to try and pull something from a deep part of the river when a body rises to the top and the two men are terrified to discover multiple bodies.

At a meeting with Bedelia, Hannibal informs her that he desires to visit Will, he is curious about the way Will thinks, regardless of the recent events that unfolded. Bedelia thinks that because Will requested to see Hannibal, Will has intent to manipulate him. Bedelia thinks that Hannibal is obsessed with Will, and if he goes to see him, it will ensure his intent to manipulate him, but Hannibal claims that he's just intrigued by Will. When Bedelia asks him why he thinks Will is his friend, Hannibal tells her that he admires Will's honesty, maybe he sees some of that honesty in himself?

Hannibal goes against Bedelia's recommendations and visits Will at Baltimore State Hospital. Will informs Hannibal that he used to hear voices in his head of his own accent, as if he were speaking, but now it sounds as if Hannibal is speaking in his head; he can't get Hannibal out of his head. Hannibal says that that's what friendship does sometimes, but Will informs him that they're far off the spectrum of friendship. Hannibal tells Will that it's probably easier to pin the blame for the murders on him, but he should accept his own responsibility. Will needs clarity, but he believes that he has clarity, about Hannibal, what he did to him is in his head, and the time will come when he remembers.

Beverly is taking a swabbing of Hannibal's mouth, as well as investigating his attire for evidence.

The crew are at the water where the two men found a body. Hannibal approaches Jack, who tells him that he needs aid with a psychological profile. They've recovered four bodies in the water, with at least another on it's way. The bodies rotted from the inside out, someone went through a lot of effort to preserve them, as if a recipe; whoever did this hasn't figured out their methods yet, they're unprepared.

Hannibal is at another meeting with Bedelia, where he informs her that Will has made accusations. Hannibal felt as if he got to be Will Graham that day, he consulted at a FBI crime scene, he stood in Will's shoes, and saw death. Bedelia tells him that he maintains an air of transparency, and putting her in a position of lying for him, again. Neither her, nor Jack are aware of what Hannibal is capable of, according to him.

Alana is with Will's dogs, entertaining them for Will while he's in confinement, and she is also visiting him. Will tells her that he doesn't have any legal representation, but that's because he keeps firing his lawyers, because they work for the FBI. She tells him that she'll find a lawyer who isn't affiliated with the FBI. Will asks Alana if she thinks he has a chance, and she tells him that he isn't conscious of his actions, and he can argue that. And in his office, Frederick Chilton is eavesdropping on their conversation as Will tells Alana that he can hear Hannibal's voice in his head; he can hear Hannibal saying things he's never said before. Alana uses a hypnotism method to get into Will's head and Will envisions himself at the head of Hannibal's dining table, which is covered with live animals and food, and at the opposite end is the deer, and on his plate is an ear - Abigail's ear.

Chilton is over at Hannibal's, having a meal, and Chilton informs Hannibal that Alana was at the hospital that day, visiting his patient, Will. Will was never Hannibal's patient, but he is Chilton's, however he refuses to speak to him. He tells Hannibal that Will is telling everyone that he is a monster, in which case he tells Chilton he is "dining with a psychopathic murderer."

A man commuting home on the subway is approached by an unseen man who grasps his hand and comments on his nice skin. Visibly uncomfortable, the commuter pulls his hand away. Later that night the same commuter checks on his car because the alarm is sounding. What looks like a clear plastic bag is hanging from the closed trunk. As he opens the trunk to investigate he's approached from behind by an unknown man. He's now unconscious on a table, stripped of his clothes. Someone prepares and injects him with what appears to be heroin, and then stitches two unknown body parts together. Still alive, but visibly affected by the heroin, the commuter is sprayed with water.

In the autopsy room, Jack, Beverly, Brian, and Jimmy are investigating the bodies found in the water. As they talk about the evidence and data they have so far, Jack issues an order to look for missing people in the bordering states. Beverly goes to visit Will at the hospital, who isn't sure how she feels about visiting him. Beverly informs him about a lot of people being missing, and she shows him the file for the case with pictures. Will reorganizes the pictures of the possible victims, in which he notices a color palette. Will is in his cell and eating his food, and as he does he envisions Hannibal shoving a tube down his throat, and pushing Abigail's ear down it. And back in the cell, he coughs up his food.

Jack visits Will's house, and Alana shows up and enters the house, and they discuss Alana's report on him. Jack accepts it, she questioned his judgement for the good of Will. Hannibal's guilt has been cleared, and Alana doesn't think Will is guilty, but Jack needs proof to believe it.

Will is fishing at the pond again, as he envisions Jack on the side, Jack has come to visit him again. Jack still isn't convinced of Will's innocence, and he informs Will that they investigated Will's claims of Hannibal's guilt, but they could find no evidence indicting him. However, Will still insists that he isn't guilty, but Hannibal is, and Jack leaves.

The abducted commuter wakes up to find himself nude and unable to move, surrounded by nude, dead bodies, and screams.


  • The episode's title, Kaiseki (懐石), refers to a traditional Japanese multi-course dinner.

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