Kazys Porvik
Occupation(s) War Criminal
Status Deceased
Relationships Affiliated with Grutas' Group
Other info
First appearance Hannibal Rising
Hannibal Rising (film)
Last appearance Hannibal Rising
Hannibal Rising (film)
Portrayed by Goran Kostic
Kazys Porvik gallery

Kazys Porvik, known as the Pot Watcher by Hannibal, was a character in Hannibal Rising. He was a war criminal that allied himself with Vladis Grutas and was one of the men involved in Mischa Lecter's murder and cannibalism. He was the first of Grutas's Group to die, however his death was due to an oncoming Russian attack on the lodge which caused a support beam to crush his body.

Mainly referred to as "Pot Watcher", he followed the others wherever they went and ended up at the lodge where Grutas decided they should cannibalize a young girl. Shortly afterwards, a Soviet attack on the lodge resulted in the group needing to leave immediately but Pot Watcher showed concern for their dog tags so he stayed behind to gather everything up. Unfortunately for him, the attack destroyed the roof and a support beam crushed his body killing him.

Eight years later and an older Hannibal Lecter returned to the lodge where all that remained of Pot Watcher were his bones. He found the bag with the dog tags and subsequently killed Enrikas Dortlich before going after the others.


  • The way his bones are found differ from the way his body was laid out upon his death. Granted, eight years passed since his death and perhaps the skull rolled itself forward as the body decayed. Or perhaps animals devoured much of the body as only the skull (and glasses) were seen.