Mischa Lecter
Status Deceased
Relatives Hannibal Lecter (brother)
Count Lecter (father; deceased)
Simonetta Sforza-Lecter (mother; deceased)
Robert Lecter (uncle; deceased)
Murasaki (aunt)
Relationships Younger sister to Hannibal.
Other info
First appearance Hannibal Rising
Hannibal Rising (film)
Last appearance Hannibal Rising
Hannibal Rising (film)
Portrayed by Helena-Lia Tachovská
Mischa Lecter gallery

Mischa Lecter

Mischa Lecter was the youngest daughter of Count Lecter and Simonetta Sforza-Lecter, as well as the younger sister of Hannibal Lecter. Mischa was an innocent little girl, who was adored by her parents and protected by her brother. In 1944, she and her brother were captured by a group led by Vladis Grutas. After a number of months of starvatation, Mischa was killed and eaten by the group, some of her remains being fed to Hannibal. This event would be the catalyst into Hannibal's descent into murder and cannibalism.

Mischa Lecter in the TV SeriesEdit

Mischa was mentioned by Hannibal in the episodes Naka-Choko and Kō No Mono, during conversations with Will Graham. Hannibal said that he had been like a father to Mischa and that she had taught him a lot about himself.

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