Status Unknown
Relatives Robert Lecter (husband)
Hannibal Lecter (nephew)
Mischa Lecter (niece, deceased)
Other info
First appearance Kaiseki (mentioned)
Portrayed by N/A
Murasaki (TV) gallery

Murasaki is a character in NBC's Hannibal. She is the aunt of Hannibal Lecter and the wife of Robert Lecter. While she has not appeared in the series to date, she was referenced by Hannibal during Kaiseki in which he prepared a meal (by the same name) for Jack Crawford. Hannibal states that he last prepared the meal for his aunt due to similar circumstances, being a loss (as the meal he prepared for Jack was for Will Graham, who had been institutionalized). Whether or not the loss is Robert or another family member such as Mischa Lecter.