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Nicholas Boyle
Occupation(s) Student
Status Deceased
Relatives Cassie Boyle (sister; deceased)
Other info
First appearance Potage
Last appearance Potage
Portrayed by Mark Rendall
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Nicholas Boyle was the brother of Cassie Boyle. He was killed by Abigail Hobbs, who butchered him. She claims it to be a self defense rather than murder. Hannibal Lecter helped her dispose of the body; it was later found frozen in the woods and, therefore, impossible to determine the exact time of death.


  • "Nicholas Boyle was just a dumb kid who was really messed up because his sister was murdered. He wasn't a killer." (Freddie to Abigail)
  • "Whoever killed Nicholas Boyle killed an innocent man." (Freddie to Abigail)


  • He appears in Will's and Abigail's dreams after his death.


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