Peter Bernardone
Occupation(s) Animal Owner
Status Incarcerated
Other info
First appearance Su-zakana
Last appearance Shiizakana
Portrayed by Jeremy Davies
Peter Bernardone gallery

Peter Bernardone is a psychologically disturbed animal owner who, after being arrested (for trying to kill a serial killer Clark Ingram) consults Will Graham on occasion.


Peter owned numerous animals including a horse which kicked his head resulting in a serious injury. The result was him being treated by a social worker, Clark Ingram, a serial killer that murdered Sarah Craber. Although Peter did not know her on a personal level he knew who she was and dug her up after having been killed and put her inside a horses womb, following a bird being put inside her. Peter showed relief on hearing the bird had survived, and pointed Will Graham in Clark Ingram's direction. Clark, after being interviewed, kills the horse that injured Peter with a hammer after releasing nearly all of Peter's caged animals. Clark confronted Peter and tried to manipulate him into thinking he had killed Sarah, the other victims found at the dig site and the horse. This provokes Peter to attack him and stuff him into the horse's womb. Will assumed Clark had died however Peter revealed that he never killed anyone and wanted Clark to feel the suffocation that his victims felt when they were murdered. Hannibal Lecter was present when Clark escape the horse's womb and planned on killing Peter however he was stopped by Will Graham, who held him at gunpoint and contemplated on killing him. Both Peter and Clark are arrested.

Shiizakana Edit

Peter is seen again in a later episode (Shiizakana) when Will was looking for an animal that mauled a corpse. Peter reveals that the victim was killed by a bear and wolf, which helps lead Will in the right direction to solve the case.


  • Will sympathized with Peter, knowing what it was like to point out a killer but have no one believe them.
  • While imprisoned Peter took a rat as a pet and named it Kevin.


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