Rinaldo Pazzi
Occupation(s) Italian Detective
Status Deceased
Relationships Mason Verger (companion)
Other info
First appearance Hannibal
Hannibal (film)
Last appearance Hannibal
Hannibal (film)
Portrayed by Giancarlo Giannini (film)
Fortunato Cerlino (TV series)
Rinaldo Pazzi gallery

Rinaldo Pazzi is a detective from Firenze. He recognized Hannibal Lecter in disguise and attempted to sell him to Mason Verger, but was killed by Hannibal.


Pazzi, a descendant of the Pazzi family, was a detective who was first assigned to the "Il Mostro" case, a serial killer who had murdered 16 people over two decades. He was disgraced when he had a man arrested and jailed for the crimes who turned out to be innocent. In 1990, he discovered that the Library Curator in Florence was the American serial killer Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Instead of arresting him, he worked with Mason Verger, Lecter's sole surviving victim, in order to have Lecter fed to wild boars for a price of $3 million. Lecter deduced that Pazzi was working with Verger, due to a henchman smelling of sausage.

After a presentation on Dante, Lecter showed Pazzi a drawing of Pazzi's ancestor, Francesco, who 500 years ago was hanged for conspiracy to murder. Lecter overpowered Pazzi with ether and tied him to a hand cart. After extracting the information he wanted, Lecter cut Pazzi open and pushed him out of the window, disemboweling him in the manner of his ancestor. Lecter escaped and left for America.

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