Rinaldo Pazzi
Rinaldo Pazzi TV
Occupation(s) Inspector
Status Deceased
Relatives Andrea de' Pazzi and Francesco de' Pazzi (ancestors)
Allegra Pazzi (wife)
Relationships Jack Crawford (partner and friend)
Mason Verger (companion)
Other info
First appearance Primavera
Last appearance Dolce
Portrayed by Fortunato Cerlino
Rinaldo Pazzi (TV) gallery

Commendatore Rinaldo Pazzi was an Italian Inspector who appeared in season 3 of Hannibal.


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Season 3Edit

Like his counterpart in the novel, Pazzi is working for Mason Verger to hand Lecter over to him. Unfortunately for Pazzi, Lecter is aware of the plan and kills him by hanging and disemboweling him outside the Capproni Library.

Episode appearancesEdit

Season 3Edit

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