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Sheldon Isley
Occupation(s) Baltimore city councilman
Status Deceased
Other info
First appearance Futamono
Last appearance Yakimono
Portrayed by Unknown
Sheldon Isley gallery

Ripper's a politician now!
— Brian Zeller

Sheldon Isley is a Baltimore city councilman who was killed by Hannibal Lecter



Hannibal drowned him, hanged on a cherry blossom tree, with all of his organs except lungs canniblized and replaced by flowers.

Reason For Being KilledEdit

Five or six years ago before his death, Isley brokered a woodland development deal despite the disapproval of the Enviromental Protection Association (EPA). This development destroyed important habitat for endangered birds and replaced it with a car parking place, the same one on which his body was placed in a tableau. It might be the reason that Hannibal killed him.

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