Occupation(s) Pig Farmer
Status Unknown
Other info
First appearance Tome-wan
Last appearance Tome-wan
Tommaso gallery

In Tome-wan, Carlo, Matteo Deogracias and Tommaso are sent to apprehend Hannibal in his office. Lecter refuses to go while Matteo sneaks up behind him, prompting Lecter to stab him in the thigh. Matteo removes the scalpel and collapses in a pool of his blood; he later dies from blood loss (off-screen), Carlo confirms this. Lecter provoked Carlo however Carlo obediently followed Mason's instructions and did not kill him. Will Graham is also present and releases Hannibal prompting Carlo to knock him unconscious. After Will wakes up he discovers Carlo has been fed to the pigs. Tommaso's body was not shown, but he is presumed to have died when Hannibal escapes.

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