I love this show. Before, I thought that I would never encouner a show that I genuinelly enjoy and can't wait to see another episode. My other favorite shows are: Vampire diaries, The walking dead, Dexter, Teen wold, The Pretender, Sherlock, Chuck, Heroes...

I just wanted to get to know, us much of you as I can caz I really think that we all have sth big in common. My name is Marina, I'm from Serbia.

What I love most about Hannibal is how well its written and produced. The actors are very good, and so is the storyline.    I especially like the bromance and the "seduction and manipulation of Hannibal Lecter. He's not just "seducing" Will, he's seducing all of us to really engage in this show. I really hope that NBC renews this as soon as possible.

And, if I can help in any way, be sure to let me now.

(CCarolinee (talk))

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